Google+ Changes And What They Mean For You Part III

By Reed Pankratz     |     May 08, 2013

Part Three: The Next Steps
Now that we’ve walked you through Google+ changes and the benefits associated with those changes in Part 1 and Part 2, you are prepared to move forward in taking advantage of Google+ and what it has to offer your brand and your community.

Create A Google+ Page
If you haven’t yet, use a Gmail account and create a Google+ Brand Page. Creating a Brand Page is easy and the first step in taking advantage of changes taking place in Google Search to reach more consumers. Completing the verification process, adding recommended links and utilizing keywords in the introduction and subtitles will optimize your page for SEO.

Create A Cover Photo Optimized For The New Layout
The new dimensions for the updated Google+ Cover photo are 2120 X 1192. Instead of using an image you already have, create a new image specifically for Google+ to help build your brand persona. And just in case you need it, profile image dimensions are 250 X 250.

Post Regularly
As with all social media outlets, it is best to update your Google+ Brand Page on a regular basis. Doing so on Google+ will get you more followers and encourage more users to add you to their circles. Incorporate customer service social media best practices like following up and responding to the community to help it grow and be authentic.

What Should Brands Post?
To get the most out of Google+, brands should be posting content that gives visitors a reason to come to the page that is different than what their other profiles already provide. Brands can use Google+ to create a source or inspiration for visitors or to ask for and receive feedback. Posting content from the brand blog is also a great source of content. Because many brands already have content calendars created in advance, repurposing this content for Google+ can be a good way to build a presence, but original and exclusive content is the best way to get the most out of a Google+ Community.

Feature Google+ Buttons On Web Properties
Adding a +1 button, +1 badge and Add to Circles button to all of your web properties makes it easy for Google+ users to promote your business. Also include the Google+ button in any promotional emails or blog posts that your brand publishes. The more +1 brand’s content gets, the greater the impact in search results.

Look At Traffic From Google+ In Google Analytics
Being able to view the traffic that comes from your Google+ Brand Page, as well as the demographic information from users who have given your site a +1 can provide tremendous value to brands.
You can use the information gathered through analytics to make more informed decisions about how you want to use Google+ in your overall social media marketing strategy

Google+ will continue to develop into a platform that will have a great impact on how brands interact with consumers. Paying close attention to the changes Google makes to any of their properties will help brands be more successful in creating valuable relationships with consumers. If you need advice on how to make Google+ work best for you or your brand, contact us.

This is the final installment of a three blog series on Google+ and all of it’s latest features.  Head back to read parts one and two. Make sure you head to our Google+ Brand Page and hop into the discussion on our Social Media and Digital Marketing community.

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