Google+ Changes And What They Mean For You

By Reed Pankratz     |     April 16, 2013

Google+ has been making waves in the social space over the last several months. It was recently reported that Google+ has now passed Twitter and become the #2 social network. With more users packing the Google+ space, it is becoming more and more important for your brand to be where your audience is. But, taking the #2 spot in social isn’t the only change that has taken for Google+.

Google+ is a social network that let’s users categorize their community into Circles (family, friends, co-workers, brands, etc.) and communicate with other people via Google+ Hangouts or Google+ Communities. Google+ Brand Pages allow brands to reach a wider customer base and promote products and services, in addition to having the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and brand loyalty. Google+ users can +1 a Brand Pages they like and also add them to their circles, where they will receive the updates from the Brand Page.
Google+ Changes

Google Search
Recently, Google made altered their search algorithm so that +1’s are incorporate into Google Search results in order provide users with more personalize search results based on users preferences and tendencies. These search results also take into consideration the activity and +1’s of people in their Circles on Google+. The reasoning for doing so is that, in a Nielsen study, it was found that 92% of consumers trust the recommendation of people they know, and 70% of people trust the online opinions of unknown users.

Layout Change
Google+ recently released a new look for profile pages that provides a more custom and personal look and feel. Most notably, Google+ now features large photos in the feed, as well as a much larger cover photo at the top of profile pages. The new cover photo dimensions are 2120 x 1192 pixels, giving brands a lot more room to work with. The “About” tab has also been changed and boasts an entirely new design that organizes information into different categories (Basic Information, Story, Places, Links, etc.) that make for a much cleaner design. For the personal users that fancy themselves critics, reviews have also been moved under one tab located on personal pages.

This is part one of a three blog series on Google+ and all of it’s latest features. Read parts two and three for the full story. Make sure you head to our Google+ Brand Page and hop into the discussion on our Social Media and Digital Marketing community.

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