Facebook Updates, Social Network Demographics and More!

By Shelley McLean     |     September 10, 2012

Get caught up with all of the social media trends from the past week at the Room 214 office. Find out what LinkedIn has done to roll out their new brand pages, how Facebook is working on updating its timeline features and direct marketing abilities, and which demographics have changed throughout the realm of social media platforms from the past two years.

Facebook Updates Timeline Features for Mobile: Facebook recently extended its new Timeline features to mobile fan pages including features such as pinned posts, popular songs, store locator, admin control and the activity log. This will allow Page owners who are running mobile Sponsored Story campaigns to use their mobile devices more on the level of their desktops. Be on the lookout for more on this topic in an upcoming blog post!

Facebook Adopts Direct Marketing Tactics: Facebook is starting to roll the ability for brands to target users by user ID, email address or phone number, which could be a great way for brands to convert customers to Facebook fans. Along with this additional targeting, the original Facebook options such as age, gender and interests will also be available for a more direct marketing initiative.

Social Network Demographics: This article is a great collaboration and summary of many data points taken from doubleClick Ad Planner.  It show various demographics for age and gender distributions for 24 of today’s most popular social media networks and online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit, just to name a few. Along with some great visuals, some of the facts you will encounter throughout the report include:

  • Currently the average age of a Facebook user is 40.5 years old. This is up two years from when it was measured over two years ago.
  • The average Twitter user is 37.5 years old currently, down two years from previous results measured two and a half years ago.
  • The average gender distribution for social media networks is 48.75% male and 51.25% female.
Do any of the statistics from the report surprise you?

LinkedIn Revamps Brand Pages: Earlier this week LinkedIn announced its new look for company pages. It is designed to simplify the overall experience of the social site while not only making it easier for users to access information about particular companies, but allowing brands to increase their relationships with target audiences. The new display is much more visual with a prominent emphasis on company updates, product announcements and job opportunities.

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