Facebook Global Pages, Curalate’s Pinterest Scheduler and More!

By Shelley McLean     |     October 29, 2012

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Foursquare Rolls Out New Homepage: Foursquare has been working hard to ditch their badge-giving, check-in service image and convince people of their new focus on local search and recommendations. To do this, they have released a new Google-like homepage. It has been reported that the new homepage will contain a single search box in the center of the screen and a new version of their desktop interface, which will be especially useful for logged out users. The changes to Foursquare’s platform will put them into competition with sites such as Yelp and Google Local with the hopes of hosting the best search experience for users.

One in Five New Facebook Fans Come From Mobile:  According to a new research report measured by PageLever, 19 percent of new Facebook fans came from mobile in August. This was an increase of nearly 280 percent in four months where only 5 percent of new fans came from mobile in May. What do you think could have caused this spike in activity?

Facebook Global Pages: Facebook announced the rollout of global pages, a feature that will allow brands with an international presence to establish one global identity while still offering a localized experience. Pages will have a unified Like and People Talking About This count, but language, images, posts and tabs can differ by region. This will make measuring audiences in each country easier and allow you to more sufficiently compare your brand to competitors. Do you think Global Pages will help with companies’ international reach?

Yelp Shames Shady Practices: Yelp has started to monitor its pages more closely in an effort to uncover evidence that businesses are repeatedly paying for reviews. For those companies’ pages, they will post a very visible red consumer alert on profile pages that reads:

“We caught someone redhanded trying to buy reviews for this business. We weren’t fooled, but wanted you to know because buying reviews not only hurts consumers, but also honest businesses who play by the results.”

What Marketers are Getting Wrong About Loyalty: This is a great article that suggests some of the biggest mistakes brands make with loyalty programs. The argument here is that it is not time to make loyalty more “human,” but instead “to treat it as a question of economics and behavior.” Human decision-making is about being happy. We prefer many small repeated gains over anything else, so when it comes to loyalty, consumers want to feel that they are being rewarded every time.

Curalate’s First Pinterest Scheduler: Curalate just announced their most recent feature, Scheduler. This tool will allow brands to schedule pins and place them into specific campaigns to save community managers time and provide marketers with more detailed analytics for their posts. Check out the video below for more information on the Curalate platform and its newest feature.

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