Facebook Changes Algorithm (Again)

By Leah Lesko     |     January 22, 2014

In a recent blog post, Facebook’s Product Manager for News Feed Rankings announced that they would be tweaking their algorithm and shared helpful advice for Facebook page admins looking to increase organic engagement with their Facebook posts (likes, comments, shares and clicks). This was a nice complement to a recent blog post from Facebook’s Engineering Manager, which stated that Facebook was going to start prioritizing “high-quality” content, such as news stories.

Facebook had recently emphasized the importance of sharing images within Facebook posts, as they’re working towards creating a more visual platform. With this change to their algorithm, Facebook is also encouraging brands to use a “link-share” style post instead of including a shortened link within the text of the post. This is a more visual way to link back to content across the web and will garner higher organic engagement.

How to create a “link-share” post:

  • Copy the link that you would like to share in the status box. Facebook will automatically pull in a photo from the website where the article is from.
  • If the photo that Facebook pulls in is poor quality or isn’t the right fit, you have the option to replace that with whatever photo you wish. The image that you use should be 1200 pixels x 627 pixels (it shouldn’t be smaller than 400×209 pixels).


If you have questions about best practices for Facebook page managers or want to talk about Facebook advertising, drop us a line.


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