CES Review: What The Buzz Was Actually All About

By Room 214     |     January 11, 2011

The Predictions

It seems that everyone was buzzing last week about the major themes of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Mashable wrote a blog post identifying what they felt were the key trends of the show, and we at Room 214 decided to test their theory, which said tablets, gaming (like Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s 3Ds), connected technology, 4G phones, and all things Android platform would be the biggest themes. I went to Crimson Hexagon, one of our social media research tools, and took a look at the conversation from last week.

In over 500,00 posts (82% of which came from Twitter), people discussed these topics fairly evenly. It’s worth noting that you can’t exactly split Android and tablet conversation, as Android tablets, like the Motorola Xoom and the Microsoft Streak, drove a huge volume of conversation. While we can see slight variations in overall theme, the above only really shows us that connected technology, in the home, car, etc., wasn’t as big, so let’s take a look at key language themes by day.

The Reality: January 6th

On the 6th, a presentation slide with information about Microsoft’s Avatar Kinect leaked and the Twittersphere erupted. Sony’s seemingly endless stream of product announcements drove high volume, and the general tablet conversation, a dominating theme for the whole show, honed in on the Xoom Tablet.

The Reality: January 7th

The 7th was the day of 4G Smart Phones, more tablet conversation (this time including the Microsoft Streak), and video. Even though Apple wasn’t really present at CES, some mockups of the iPad 2 shell showed up. The power of Apple buzz still blows my mind: even though Apple didn’t actually showcase or reveal anything, these mocks drove iPad keywords high enough to drown out other conversation of products actually being released. Bravo, Apple.

Interestingly, video showed up as a theme across the entire event, as video was incorporated into a wide-ranging set of products, from Toyota’s in-car Entune system to Microsoft’s Surface V2 hands-on video….thing.

So it looks like Mashable, and a lot of other sources that guessed key themes, were mostly right. And while tablets only got mentioned slightly more often than a few other key trends, when you analyze the specific language, you see that tablets were an anchoring theme throughout. Just a few key things were missed: video technology, and the overwhelming power of the Apple brand.

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