Amazon’s Social Q&A, Google+ Sign-In, SEO Friendly WordPress and More!

By Christy Barnes     |     March 01, 2013

Here’s your weekly insight into digital marketing trends and best practices from Room 214.

Amazon’s Launch of Social Q&A Amazon has set the new precedent for consumer e-commerce experience by introducing social Q&A on most of its product pages. When a question is posted on a product page, it is immediately emailed out to past purchasers of the product and those purchasers can email answers directly back to the asker. Online shoppers have yet another reason to go to Amazon to buy, so it will be important for other e-commerce sites to address user experience on their sites.

Google Introduces Google+ Sign-In Developers can now add Google+ sign-ins to their apps so that users can sign in with their Google+ credentials, enhancing the user experience and expediting the sign-up process. You can decide what you want to share with your circles, and what you prefer to keep to yourself through Google+ Sign-In. Additionally, sharing updates from an app that uses Google+ Sign-In will show friends an interactive post in their Google+ stream.

Next Step of Facebook Custom Audiences: Matching Purchases Facebook is partnering with some big players in data to allow brands to match shopper loyalty program data with Facebook profile information to target via Facebook. The benefit of this product, which will gain momentum over coming months, is to be able to specifically present products that users might be interested in.

SEO Friendly WordPress Using WordPress to host your website or blog? It may not be as SEO friendly as you think. This article describes 12 steps that you can take to make sure your site is optimized for search. Remove unnecessary links to images, install a plugin that allows you to customize meta tags and page titles, add in Google Analytics tracking code, and more.

What have you noticed in the digital world lately?

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