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Is Your Brand Ready for Global Pages on Facebook?

March 26, 2014

Though the Facebook Global Pages functionality launched in 2012, it was not met with massive adoption by brands. It seems as though Facebook introduced this feature slightly early, as the global conversation is just starting to pick up steam. Many of our clients have started asking, “Can we do this? How do we do this?” and have had increasing interest from their local businesses worldwide.

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Pinterest Basics: 8 Things to Keep in Mind

March 7, 2014

When it comes to best practices on your Pinterest page, there are an abundance of things to do. But what if you don’t have time or if you’re just starting your Pinterest presence? Here are the top 8 basic yet most important things everyone should do for their Pinterest page.

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Top 7 Digital Integrations at Fashion Week

February 21, 2014

Fashion Week is all about access, how close you can get to the runway, and of course the fashion itself. This year, top fashion brands took to social media to grant special access to their fans to make them feel like Fashion Week insiders.

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The Changing Face of Facebook

January 29, 2014

Ever wonder how the term “viral” became associated with the internet? Two researchers at Cornell University have an idea: like a viral infection, Facebook began small, spread rapidly, and reached its peak — and now it’s dying out.

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Facebook Changes Algorithm (Again)

January 22, 2014

In a recent blog post, Facebook’s Product Manager for News Feed Rankings announced that they would be tweaking their algorithm and shared helpful advice for Facebook page admins looking to increase organic engagement with their Facebook posts (likes, comments, shares and clicks).

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Promoted Pins on Pinterest!

January 22, 2014

Ben Silbermann, Chief Executive of Pinterest, recently announced that the platform will soon be charging advertisers to promote posts or “pins.”

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Tumblr Introduces @Mentions for Users

January 14, 2014

FINALLY! Tumblr announced it is adding @mention capabilities. Mentions work as expected — by typing the “@” symbol, a drop down menu will appear and you can choose the username of who you want to address inside a post.

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Facebook Eliminating Sponsored Stories

January 10, 2014

It’s official – Facebook announced that they will be eliminating Sponsored Stories. Currently, when you create a Facebook ad, you have the option to “add-on” a sponsored story. Starting on April 9, Facebook will automatically add social context to all of their ads.

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Food Brands on Instagram: Accessing the Passion

January 10, 2014

The experience of eating, this deeply ingrained human need for nourishment coupled with the safety of community, has found an outlet for expression in the highly shareable visual medium of Instagram.

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Post Photos To Instagram From Your Computer

October 22, 2013

Your life is about to get a lot easier if you’re a community manager with more than one Instagram account to manage. This week I stumbled across a web-based tool which allows you to post photos to your Instagram account from your computer.

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