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Making Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Erika Stutzman, May 18, 2016

If you’re not already marketing yourself as an independent worker, the clock is ticking! More than 40 percent of American workers will be freelancers, contractors or temporary workers by 2020.

The key to your future success is in building real personal connections, and boosting your own brand.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by checking out your LinkedIn profile and … finishing it. (That’s not a joke.) Here are the Top 7 Tips for differentiating your LinkedIn presence. Read More


Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Jason Cormier, May 13, 2016

You are your own best client. As a marketing agency, we accept this statement as reality — knowing at some point every client will fire us (regardless of performance, likability or level of trust).

Why? People move on, businesses are acquired, sometimes somebody just wants to try something new. You, as an individual, are also your own best client. You won’t fire you — and that’s why it’s critical to build a strong personal brand for your career today and for your future.

We took to Blab recently to share on building your personal brand and social selling through LinkedIn — perhaps the most powerful (and easy) way to build your brand. Ready to learn?

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Make Your Facebook Events Shine

Erika Stutzman, May 9, 2016

If a tree falls in the forest and isn’t scheduled on Facebook, does it make a sound?

At this point, there are more than 1 billion daily Facebook users. Brands can tap into their current and potential event attendees by using the intuitive Facebook events feature.

Note: As with most things Facebooky, it’s dead simple. Your grandmother can do this. But with ease comes volume, so if you want to have a successful event on Facebook or elsewhere, follow these best practices for online events.

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Quick Tips for Researching Your Competitors

Jason Cormier, May 9, 2016

“Spreadsheets are sexy.”

That’s a nugget of wisdom on behalf of Alex Horner, who knows that collecting a heap of qualitative and quantitative data to gain a competitive edge isn’t enough. The data needs to be collected and organized — hence, sexy spreadsheets — and actually translated and interpreted  in a way that can be communicated with others.

Horner is a linguistics expert and data lover/expert at Room 214 — and joined co-founder Jason Cormier on Blab to talk about the best practices and top tools agencies and brands can use to research their competitors. Read More

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Kick-Ass Visual Content for Social Media

Jason Cormier, May 6, 2016

A mantra for creatives: “Try everything. Fail fast.”

That’s the goal that drives the creative energy of Erica Griffiths, the digital producer at Room 214. Testing new methods, platforms and practices — and swiftly and cheerfully moving on from the few things that don’t work — is her passion. She pairs that passion with traditional storytelling skills and old-school media training in photography and film.

Griffiths talked about art, creativity and storytelling for brands with Jason Cormier on the 18th episode of Room 214’s Blab series with agency experts and influential thought leaders.

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Top Tips From A Twitter Expert

Jason Cormier, April 25, 2016

Don’t Tweet and leave! That’s akin to arriving at a party, introducing yourself, and walking right out the door.

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Top Tips: Using Social for Storytelling

Erika Stutzman, March 25, 2016

Brands and their agencies know the  importance of storytelling in marketing. It draws people in, and engages them in a way that’s compelling, not transactional. We make human connections through storytelling and create a way to communicate our values, culture and purpose that way. But what are the best ways to tell a brand’s authentic story through social media?

In episode 13 of our weekly Blab series, The Agency Way, we explore that topic, as well as garner very practical tips for using social media platforms for storytelling. Wilma Cruz, an account director at Room 214, joined Erika Stutzman to discuss the issue.
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Room 214 Workshop

Lessons from a Storytelling Workshop Leader

Jason Cormier, February 29, 2016

Want to connect with someone? Tell them a good story.
All of us are drawn to a good story. The beating heart of every beloved content — whether it’s a film, graphic novel or viral advertising campaign — is the story.
Crafting that story is part art, part science, says Jen Casson, the director of creative services at Room 214, a social and digital marketing agency. Hear more on episode 9 of The Agency Way, a weekly Blab series.

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The Agency Way: Episode 8

Social Media for Retail Sales

Jason Cormier, February 19, 2016

There’s a lot of social media noise out there. Retailers who want to connect with consumers and fans need to cut through that noise.
That’s the digital marketing gospel according to Pete Hall, a digital marketer and storyteller with Finish Line, a sports retailer. Hall joined Room 214’s co-founder Jason Cormier to talk about social media’s presence in the retail landscape on the Blab series, the Agency Way.

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