Google’s New Era For Search Visibility

By James Clark     |     May 18, 2007

Google’s new universally integrated Google SERP is the biggest update to the search algorithm in some time. The fact is, Google is now presenting all forms of content: images, news, products, or video within its search results. The real estate for high search visibility just got more competitive and from our standpoint it just got a lot better for the user.

The announcement has heightened the reaction from search agencies about how to continue to achieve high search visibility. Tameka Kee at MediaPost asks is this the End of Outsourced SEO?

This update plays directly into Room 214’s Search Visibility System, in that our methodology is to take the content you have and distribute it through as many forms of media (audio, video, text) and outlets to drive the visibility of that content and increase your level of expertise.

Again, what Google has done, confirms our long-time strategy that integrating audio, video, news and RSS into a online marketing plan is key to long-term success with any search visibility program.

Quite a while back, we as an agency stopped offering point solutions services, as we saw the success of integrating multiple distribution points and methods into a single coherent campaign that combines optimized news releases, article distribution, blogging, podcasting and video.

Now the crux of why all of these search agencies are scrambling is that they don’t have a media casting platform to handle this need. This is where our Search Visibility Integrated program using the CastLock RSS media distribution platformprovides the means to use and address this new era in search visibility.

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