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By Room 214     |     July 20, 2009

Microsoft is making a lot of moves lately with the launch of Bing, their new “decision engine.” Personally, I was not overly impressed or excited about Bing. It was visually aethstetic, and the results seemed about the same as Google. There was not enough of a difference to make me stop “Googling” and start “Binging.”

End of discussion. Continue with normal life using Google maps, search, and documents etc.

But today, I saw this: and I realized the possibilities.

Your web searches are more powerful because you are able to cross reference them with real time results from Twitter. Your Twitter searches become more powerful because you have a web search that allows you to dive deeper into the topic. Things like deciding where to eat, or finding the latest news on a Twitter topic are incredibly simplified using Bing Tweets.

Average search process to find mexican restaurant in Boulder using Google:

  1. Search “Mexican Food in Boulder” – (Here are the results:
  2. See list of 10 Restaurants.
  3. Let out a big hungry sigh, and sift through reviews for each restaurant.
  4. Weigh the good reviews vs. the bad reviews. Ponder meaning of life.
  5. Possibly click on link to Yelp or City Search and continue researching there.
  6. Narrow the list down to 2 or 3 locations.
  7. Ask friends/coworkers/Twitter friends where to eat.
  8. Follow friend’s advice and finally pick a place to eat, hopefully before dying of starvation.

Average search process to find mexican restaurant in Boulder using Bing Tweets:

  1. Search “Mexican Food in Boulder” – (Here are the results:
  2. See list of 10 Restaurants, and a scrolling list of Tweets about “Mexican Food in Boulder.”
  3. Read this tweet: “Efrain’s tonight – the BEST Mexican food in Boulder, by far, esp. the chile verde.”
  4. Get directions from the web-search
  5. Go to Efrain’s. Stuff face with delicious mexican food that was recommended by someone on Twitter.

By my very scientific process, Bing Tweets gets you there in three fewer steps.

All joking aside, real-time search has the power to revolutionize the way web search works. As Twitter becomes more popular, search engines will have to take its activity into account in results. Why? There is simply no better way to find out what people are talking about at this very moment than to look at Twitter topics.

As Facebook makes it’s user’s updates more public and open (and hopefully searchable) those results will also be a valuable source of up-to-the-second information.

Bing Tweets is one of the slickest real-time search engines I have seen to date. It is something that I can be excited about, and it will certainly move a few of my searches away from Google.

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