CTC Podcast #8 – SEO Tip of the week, Yahoo and landing pages

By James Clark     |     July 04, 2007

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Show Notes:

0:45 – Is Arnold making Terminator 4? Rambo is coming.

1:28 – The Yahoo! Semel Out Yang In announcement makes Kris wants to blow up his RSS reader because of the echo chamber.

3:09 – Jeff Jarvis’ Yahoo’s big mistake post at Buzz Machine takes a real perspective on the Yahoo! announcement. This is how to cover a topic, not just link to CNET.

5:45 – The effect of Kobe posting his trade requests on his website and how two weeks later the story explodes in the main stream media.

7:12 – Curt Schilling is constantly in the main stream media because he blogs.

8:58 – Conferences and meet-ups going from live video feeds to live blogging. Now you have to wait a few days to see the presentation. Example WWDC.

12:37 – Were the people behind Kobe smart/calculated or was it just total amateur hour? From the looks of it, blogs being taken down, etc – no one had a clue on how to maintain credibility online.

17:47 – Google gets the headline with its $11 million green car initiative. Trumps Yahoo!’s green car giveaway. Google uses it’s renewable energy efforts to power a fleet of plug-in hybrid cars

22:45 – Slice slaps down Yahoo! on it’s widget platform, which leads him further down the road to a new MacBook Pro.

23:33 – James’ favorite widget is the CallWave SMS Widget.

24:00 – Slice’s SEO Tip of the Week – Google Analytics and comparing periods months by month.

26:55 – Ben’s Make it Happen Capt’n – what you need to know about landing pages and conversions. Here’s the two headlines discussed you be the judge:

Headline 1 – Our Experienced Staff Can Tend to Your Every Automotive Need, And Are ASE Certified with the Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Headline 2 – Hidden Mechanical Problems With Your Car Are Threatening The Health And Safety Of Your Family! Our 9-Point Safety Inspection Could Save Their Lives – And Give You Peace of Mind . . .

Send your requests for a Make it Happen Capt’n segment to:makeithappencaptain@room214.com, if we use it, we’ll send you a free iPod Shuffle.

33:00 – Slice gets the (FUD) fear, uncertainty and doubt discussion from a $500 an hour sales consultant


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