CTC Podcast #3 – PodCamp NYC, Apple TV, SEO’ing RSS Feeds and Corporate Content Drivel

By James Clark     |     April 20, 2007

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Show Notes:

Opening: Kris with Jason Cormier and James Clark discussing the recent PodCamp NYC – and Kris discussing how the fact that the show happened was the most significant statement from the show. People from NY Times, CBS and Viacom – in addition to NERBIES – the term Kris and James created to describe new passionate nerds.

3:45 – Kris discusses the impact of Apple TV and what it means now to get onto TV and stay there. The Washington Post now producing video podcasts in HD.

6:20 – iTunes as the catalyst to the explosion of podcasting, and will Apple TV do the same thing for video? The focus now goes to the producers to deliver high quality video content. Old media companies don’t understand they have an advantage to produce rich quality video.

9:00 – Kris gets disappointed by Microsoft Media Player 11. James laughs at Kris for hoping that Microsoft would deliver something that would move content distribution forward by leap and bounds.

10:44 – Jason tees off the discussion about Google indexing RSS feeds and now the movement to search engine friendly RSS feeds. Then the crew gets crass about how marketing departments just let their IT teams throw up XML files on a site without any form of feed management.

17:00 – Jason brings up the old concept of quality content, James freaks out and goes off about the quality content discussion.

21:15 – Kris brings up Steve Rubel’s Twitter post about throwing PC Magazine in the trash and the response from Jim Louderback, Editor in Chief, PC Magazine suggesting that they blacklist Edelman’s clients, then Edelman’s responsethrough Steve.

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I've always been involved in helping organizations create public personas and expert leadership. I cut my professional teeth working my way up in public relations agencies, eventually becoming a partner at high tech agency that received an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company award. Over 10 years ago, I decided to focus on digital and how it disrupts business. It was a good decision as that disruption keeps growing, giving me a lot to talk about. Having read The Cluetrain Manifesto, I became fascinated with how Markets are Conversations and Search Engines are Media. So along with my business partner Jason Cormier, I co-founded Room 214 where we pull together business intelligence, social and search media program management and application development to help companies and organizations drive high search engine visibility and successful social media word of mouth campaigns for B2B and B2C marketing communications initiatives.

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