The World’s Top 50 Fashion Brands of 2015


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Room 214’s popular Top 50 Fashion Brands Report is back, and it’s better than ever! How has it improved from our original report? Research, baby. Our last report, Fashion Report 1.0, highlighted brands with notable fandom, but this year we said, “let’s do more.” Get free access to the data used in this ebook complements of InfiniGraph.

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In an industry full of early adopters, creative minds and folks who aren’t afraid to test boundaries, it’s a big challenge to stand out with social media efforts. This report ranks the fashion industry’s top brands based on our Room 214 Brand Salience Score, which considers number of brand mentions, aggregate brand followers and digital engagement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This report uses Crimson Hexagon to analyze the strategies and successes in social media from the biggest fashion brands in the world.

The goal of this Fashion Report is to inspire brands to take a step back and consider their digital strategies. Which channels have more potential than others? Is engagement dramatically lower on some platforms? Do you partner with relevant bloggers in your industry and use their social networks to expand your own? Are you meeting your consumers where they are by growing platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest?

For a full analysis on these brands, their engagement rates and their tactics simply tell us a bit about yourself and click download to get the full report. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Get visual: 2014 brought an explosion of rich visual content on social media. Apparel labels and retailers made strides on the visual web.

Social Media Performance Benchmarks: Whether you’re interested in High Fashion, Fast Fashion, or Mass Market Fashion, this industry sets benchmarks which you can use to measure the success of your own brand on social media. Get acquainted with brands leading the industry, and see how they make a mark.

Choosing Channels and Creating Content: The brands who skillfully craft interesting, personality-heavy content for their communities will see returns in the form of engagement. Photos are going to dominate your calendar, but it’s up to you to make sure they inspire an emotional connection to your fans. We provide plenty of examples of great executions, and tell you which channel are most successful for each type of content you have.