Mobile Retail: The Rise of Connected Shopping

Did you know that people of all ages are embracing the mobile web at a faster rate than that of initial internet adoption back in the 1990s? Indeed, many Millennials are skipping traditional PCs altogether to view the web exclusively on their mobile devices.

Retailers have found it challenging to keep up with the rapid adoption of all things mobile, and yet 30% of the 125 million U.S. smartphone owners are already using their devices to shop. Many of them “showroom” at bricks and mortar shops – trying out products in-store before finally buying them online, often on a competitor’s website.

Marketing strategy that integrates mobile as a primary contact point for shoppers can encourage them to do their research, but ultimately buy from you directly, whether in-store or online. Indeed, only about one-third of online shoppers take less than a day to make a purchase decision, so it makes sense to keep people engaged over time.