Food Brands On Instagram

As time and distance increasingly bar us from shared meals with loved ones, we gravitate to the web to digitally commune over intimate dinners, new recipes and decadent desserts. The experience of eating, this deeply ingrained human need for nourishment coupled with the safety of community, has found an outlet for expression in the highly shareable visual medium of Instagram.

Millions of foodies and casual eaters alike have taken to the platform to share their savory snapshots, but food brands have found only marginal success in capturing the essence of what drives this phenomenon. In fact, nearly all of the top brands with the most followers and engagement on Instagram are fashion, sports and lifestyle companies that have little to do with food. In order to better understand how food brands can succeed on Instagram, we’ll unpack why so many of us love capturing our finest culinary moments through photo apps, and how brands can apply these motivations and desires to draw fans and connect more deeply with them.