Content Marketing and The Customer Journey

We’ve all heard the talk about marketing and content. Content is the currency of the web. Marketing is content. Content is king. While we all agree that content is important, very few marketers take a deep look at their consumers’ needs before they start producing content. The result for the consumer is frustration and confusion, which can result in a costly loss of business.

Someone ready to make a purchase will be frustrated by wading through product information on their way through a shopping cart, while alternatively, someone browsing your tweets will be turned-off by constant salesmanship.

Your goal, as a marketer and content creator, is to create content that will get people talking about your company. The best way to do this is to truly relate to your customers, but therein lies the problem. From the point customers first learn about you, their content needs will change and shift as they move closer to making a purchase.

Our guide will walk you through great tips, examples and cases of content marketing doing wonders at every stage of the buying process. If your content lacks in any stage of the buying process you will walk away from this guide with some great ideas for marketing content.