Interactive video allows your audience to be an active participant, rather than a passive viewer of your content. This opens the floodgates for creative storytelling, makes for a more engaging and relevant experience, and through sophisticated analytics and integrations, allows you to drive and measure results! We used revolutionary technology to integrate the video below with marketing automation software, which allowed inContact to get useful data to use for sales & marketing activities.

Watch the video:

What makes this cool:

Drive Engagement: Realize completion rates around 90% (compared to 50% – 85% for traditional videos), and improved click-through rates from 5-12% (compared to 1-2% for traditional video advertising). Because there can be multiple “paths,” interactive video also results in repeat views as a viewer explores all the options.

Relevant Content: With a user-directed experience, you can be sure you’re presenting relevant content to your viewer.

Analytics: Because interactive video can capture more information about the user than traditional video, more detailed analytics can be analyzed and used to refine the campaign or video for improved results.

Integrations: Imagine having your video present a viewer with relevant information or products, scoring them as a lead and placing them into an ongoing nurture campaign all simply through the user’s interactions. This is just one example of the many possibilities now that your video can talk with your backend systems.

Memorable & Shareable: Interactive video breaks the mold of the traditional passive online video experience. People will remember your story and are more likely to share.

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