How is Your Story Being Told?

Video Production

At the heart of your brand is a story that should be told with video. From planning to promotion, Room 214 helps you emotionally connect with your audience, tell powerful stories, achieve a competitive edge and drive actions through what people see and hear online.

Video Scribing

By using a combination of whiteboard illustration, animation, videography, stop motion photography, and sound engineering — video scribing tells your story in an engaging way that motivates viewers to watch and share.

Interactive Video

The majority of video storytelling online is a passive experience. Room 214 creates Interactive Videos to change that. Now, a viewer can be an active participant in the story you tell.

Live Action Video

Sometimes the best way to express your story or idea is to transport the viewer into the action, conflict, and emotion.  From “guerilla-style” videos to high-quality productions, we help you achieve the best for your story and brand.

Motion Graphics

Graphics and animation are incredibly flexible. Simplify a complex concept, or even take the most mundane object and make it relatable and entertaining.

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What Are People Saying?

“Room 214’s approach to storytelling through video scribing helped us reach hundreds of thousands of people with the unique history of the Linux operating system.”

~ Jennifer Cloer,
The Linux Foundation

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Creative & Design

Your digital creative requirements have grown far beyond a website refresh. From the quick delivery of digital banners to the involved process of user experience design, Room 214 helps you apply creative design across a range of social media, mobile, and web interfaces.

  • Facebook Application Design
  • Website, Blog & Microsite
  • UI/UX Evaluation
  • Advertising Creative
  • Responsive & Mobile Web
  • Data Visualization & Infographics
  • Illustration & Photography
  • Brand Asset Development

We appreciate the hard work you put into our custom Facebook application. The creative was awesome, you were ahead of schedule on development, and we were proud to be recognized with the Wommy and AMA’s top social media award.”

~ Wendy Hofstetter,
Udi’s Gluten Free

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