Yo, dawg! Are you pinning your tweets to the Instagrams? That’s what social media sounds like to a lot of folks in the business world. It’s why we provide social media training as a service to companies large and small. We help you translate buzzwords into useful social media literacy. Our training programs make sure you can understand, see, and act upon real opportunities.

Platform Specific Training

Want a quick 101 on all of the platforms? Or would you prefer a deep-dive into best practices on a single or multiple platforms? We can help with training that will fit your needs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and more!

Content Creation

Running out of stuff to say? One of our content experts will help you get started with templates and the basics of writing engaging content.

Content Optimization

Learn the best ways to optimize your content for the best times to post and what content is working best with your audience. Optimization training can gear towards increasing sales, engagement, or other objectives you are working towards.


The last thing you need is the FCC knocking on your door thanks to a mis-managed attempt at blogger outreach. We can give your team the ins and outs on the regulations. Finally, your legal advisor can get a good night’s sleep.


As you work to implement a well-thought-out social media program for your company, we can work as a trusted advisor. With our real-world experience we can go beyond spit-balling and actually zero in on goals and strategies.

Workshops & Classes

Sometimes the best way to learn is to go hands-on. Let us create a special in-house workshop for your team so even the biggest doubters will gain some real world knowledge on how social media can help their efforts.

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