You know your brand is awesome – but do the masses know it? Room 214 helps you represent and communicate your brand effectively, from deciphering a rock-solid brand voice to a contingency plan if things go south.

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Social Media Monitoring

We constantly monitor your brand on social, ensuring we know when you’re talked about, what’s said, and what it all really means. We’ll work with your brand to create a comprehensive plan to address it all – both good and bad.

Utilizing industry listening tools, we make sure we have eyes and ears on your brand at all times. We work with you to create contingency plans for viral content and crises, and, if needed, help pave a path for front-line employees to access upper management, to quickly mitigate issues on behalf of your brand.

Work closely with a team to hone your brand voice, deploy robust listening tools to monitor your top competitors, and get comprehensive reports so you have a pulse on what’s happening at all times.

Crisis Management

An unfortunate aspect of any comprehensive reputation management plan, our team will work closely with key decision makers at your company to make sure that there is a crisis plan in place to handle any incident quickly and efficiently.

Tools & Partners

We’ll partner with industry leading tools to help you get the information you need, when you need it. Thanks to our partnerships with tool providers you get affordable access vital social data.

Business Intelligence

Our specialized research and business intelligence team works exclusively on brand monitoring, targeting, and competitive insight.


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