Social media has changed how businesses function, especially in regards to how brands interact with key customers. Identifying social influencers is a powerful technique that all companies should consider taking advantage of. Developing interaction and engaging with customers leads to long-lasting relationships.

Influencer Identification

The tools in our stable can identify top influencers by impact (those who have the highest following) and volume (those who mention your brand or product the most frequently). We can also take a look at popular metrics such as Klout scores to determine which influencers are most relevant to your brand’s mission.

Influencer Outreach

Once brand influencers have been established, it’s time to start reaching out and making connections. There is an art and a science to influencer outreach. We provide the structure and tools to organize the effort, and provide the insight to know how to make strong connections with influencers.

Ambassador Strategy

For global and hyper-local brands alike, a strategically sound approach to cultivating and nurturing brand ambassadors is now more important than ever. Consumers tend to believe and trust the opinion of someone they know over traditional advertising or marketing, making word of mouth one of the most powerful techniques in the business.  We help brands identify ambassadors, and create the resources to build long-term partnerships.

Blog Marketing

If you are looking to get in front of new and existing customers, producing high-quality relevant blog content is a great way to turn a researcher into a customer. Not only will fresh blog content improve your search rankings, the blog platform serves as a fantastic homebase for a digital marketing strategy.  We provide full-scale blog and content strategy and will tailor the development of the blog to be an extension of your brand.

Loyalty Marketing

Well executed online and offline loyalty systems are a great way to stay connected to consumers, by incentivizing many forms of interactive behavior (likes, comments, reviews, photos and purchase). We use tools to help identify what motivates your fans, and leverage the information to build a loyalty strategy that is mutually beneficial for brands and fans alike.

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