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As a digital-native agency, Room 214 understands the importance of social media monitoring for our clients and the industries they compete in. Our team offers a social media monitoring suite to ensure your social presence is expertly maintained; while giving you a deep understanding of organic conversation around your brand and competitors. Think of it as a continuous, real-world focus group without any artificial constraints.

The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media Monitoring

One of our go-to research tools is Crimson Hexagon, a social listening platform that allows us to run social media analysis on all of the unprompted public mentions of any keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, news sources, blogs and forums dating back to 2008.

More than just a dashboard, our team analyzes conversation trends and post-level insights to build digital-first personas and positioning that will help your brand stand above the fray online. Social media analysis is also utilized to inform brand strategy, monitor campaign success and even guide product development.

The other key part of social media monitoring is top-notch community management. We work with clients to manage strategy execution, content planning, post scheduling, and ongoing fan communication, all through the lens of conversation analysis. For more details view our  community management page.

Current Social Media Monitoring Clients Include:



3 Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

  • Drive strategic insights with real-world fan opinions and industry conversation
  • Connect with fans on their terms by better understanding their interests and needs
  • Track campaign success, refine digital strategy and identify trends

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