Contrary to most approaches, SEO strategy at Room 214 is driven by making sure your website is providing compelling content and a high quality experience to visitors – not just Google’s search crawlers.

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Instead of getting bogged down in trying to figure out the minutiae of Google’s ever changing algorithm, we focus on helping Google accomplish their own goals for organic search – providing a great user experience. If you’re making Google happy, you’re going to see results.

Not that we ignore typical SEO practices. We start every project with a comprehensive SEO Audit that will uncover any underlying technical issues holding your site back. We then focus on keyword and competitor research to provide compelling insights that will lay the groundwork for our SEO strategy. That is, what kinds of keywords and keyword groupings should we target? How can we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? Should we compete directly or find holes in their keyword positioning and go after those?

Once we come to a conclusion on keyword strategy, we shift our focus to content. We work closely with clients to determine what types of content are most likely to achieve business goals and drive action for a given keyword or keyword group. We’ll also use our keyword research to identify content gaps – content buckets with high search volume and relevancy to your brand that are not yet present on your site. Then we’ll help you fill those gaps.

Remember, Google’s entire algorithm is designed to measure the quality of user experience. As long as we keep the user happy and engaged, we’ll be satisfying the requirements of the algorithm. It’s true that without a proper technical foundation, these efforts could still fall short. The good news is that that’s the easy part – we’ll make sure your website and content are optimized.

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