Technical SEO Audit

One of the first steps in any successful SEO Strategy is ensuring your website is healthy and set up for long term growth. Technical issues are often the culprit for poor search performance on otherwise well designed sites.

As a highly thorough process, your technical audit will be the foundation for all future search engine optimization work. Here are just some of the topics explored during your website audit.

Room 214 Technical SEO Audit

Uncovering issues that are limiting your site’s performance in organic search is a fundamental practice often missed. Your audit will be delivered as a PDF (or word document) with detailed information on why problematic issues exist, how they negatively impact your website and how improvements can be made.

Prioritized Recommendations

A series of recommendations that can be sorted based on impact and complexity/time to implement are delivered as part of your audit, and the prioritized recommendations spreadsheet serves as a high level roadmap for fixing the issues brought up in your SEO audit.

Conversion Optimization

For sites focused on lead generation, the SEO audit will also include a section dedicated to optimizing the conversion funnel. In doing this, we’ll help you ensure the increased organic traffic translates to an increase in business.

Conversion optimization recommendations will typically focus on landing page structure, user experience, asset effectiveness and form optimization.

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