Each month, over 1 billion people sign on to Facebook, and 680 million access it via mobile devices. Outside of allowing brands access to such a large and diverse audience, Facebook advertising helps your brand reach people on one of the social media platforms they frequent most and leverage social influence from friends to attract people to your brand.

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Management & Strategy

Here at Room 214, our main goal is to make sure any Facebook advertising campaigns for your brand are successful. For us, that means consistently earning high returns while maintaining low costs.

Account Audit

We start by auditing your current Facebook advertising account. This gives us insight into what has and has not worked in past advertising campaigns – we can then apply these to future campaigns.

Advertising Strategy Development

After an account audit, we review the findings and talk about your current business objectives to discover what you hope to achieve through Facebook advertising. We then develop a robust campaign plan.

Campaign Research & Creation

We conduct in-depth keyword and audience research, which help to segment the audience into various targeting groups. Then we create ads with with the goal of connecting to the right audience.

Reporting & Analysis

You get in-depth reporting throughout and at the end of each campaign. It will provide insight into what worked well, and what we recommend for the future. For the reporting, we identify key performance indicator measurements that tie back directly to your goals.


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