What You Get

Room 214 gives you thought leadership in digital and social. That means creative and measured approaches to making and delivering online content that inspires action.

From integrated advertising to social media strategy and visual storytelling — you get the brainpower and execution for all things digital under one roof.

Social Media

Our team helps you with strategy, engagement in online communities, communication with customers and advocates, and knowledge of what’s now and next.

Lead Generation

Our lead gen team is fully committed to the full process – utilizing marketing automation systems, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, email, online advertising and content marketing to generate qualified leads and sales.

Business Intelligence

We’re here to help you make data actionable by knowing what to watch, when to respond and how to apply customer insights to your advantage.

Visual Storytelling

We help you tell the story that’s uniquely yours with video, info-graphics, data visualization and supporting creative services.


We help you deploy the technical aspects of online marketing – providing expertise in API integrations, programming, responsive design, microsites and custom social networks.


We help you accelerate your marketing teams’ understanding and know-how, offering a range of learning opportunities delivered through webinars, training videos or custom workshops.

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“I would recommend Room 214 to any company looking to work with a strong and highly competent agency for online marketing and social media initiatives.”

~ Michael Crowley,
Microsoft Corp.

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