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By Room 214     |     October 22, 2012

We recently worked with Internet Marketing Club to put together a webinar on Instagram and all of its associated opportunities for brands and marketers. This comes off the heels of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Instagram has reached 100 million users and another announcement that Instagram now has more daily mobile users than Twitter.

We’ve worked with several clients to craft plans for an Instagram presence and they’re seeing plenty of engagement. Even a small photo contest announced from your company blog can see some good results. However, a lot of marketing folks just haven’t adopted the platform – whether it’s due to budgets, time restraints or even unfamiliarity.

We crafted this webinar solely to help folks understand Instagram and get started:

Our recommendation: start an account, experiment often, then scale up efforts.

Unless you have a huge presence on other social networks it’s going to be tough to start from scratch on Instagram. The best way get kicked off is to start a Instagram presence and give it plenty of visibility from your existing owned digital networks. Post plenty of content and take notes on the types of photos that generate engagement.

Take advantage of some 3rd party tools while you’re at it. They can help you run analytics to track your efforts, manage your presence from your  desktop, and promote your newly founded Instagram presence with follow buttons and widgets.

  • Instagram Hashtag RSS feeds can be added to Google Reader: Here’s how.
  • Reference Red Bull’s Summer is Coming site for a good brand example.
  • analytics can help you track progress and optimize efforts.
  • Instagrid Network allows brands to reach out to influential Instagram users.
  • Followgram allows desktop web users to see your photos and follow your account.
  • Ink 361 is a great desktop management wtool, which also offers free blog widgets, follow buttons and a Facebook app.


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