Why Instagram is Perfect for Brands

By Brandon Whalen     |     January 16, 2012

A question that is often asked of those who work in social media is, “what’s next?” Nowadays, it seems that if you don’t have a Facebook and Twitter presence you are among the minority. Most companies have adopted the major networks as their social platforms, but once those networks are saturated where should we turn to make an impact?

While there are many social networks that would fit into this conversation (Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr), there is one in particular who’s growth and engagement is already attracting brands.

Instagram is now the world’s largest mobile social network. When you look at it’s astounding growth numbers it’s hard to deny that brands should think about a presence in the community.

Already, we’ve seen great examples of brands using Instagram including Starbucks, Red Bull, Threadless and Burberry. Take a look at Room 214’s POV document which outlines some great thoughts and tips on how Instagram can be used from a brand perspective.

Instagram For Brands

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Brandon is Head of Marketing at Room 214. As a social media strategist he has worked on the social media presence for multiple world-wide brands including Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain and Hello Kitty. Brandon's work has resulted in growth of multiple millions of new fans on various social media networks for clients. As a contributor to Capture The Conversation and Word of Mouth Marketing Association's All Things WOMM blog, Brandon covers a big range of topics from social media marketing news to digital marketing strategy guides. Outside of work he is an active musician and lead singer for a band called My Body Sings Electric. You can catch the band playing shows around Denver or the west coast a few times a year. Want to connect with Brandon when he's not singing, writing, rooting on the Colorado Rockies or staying fit? Check his Facebook account, follow him on Twitter @Brandonsings, or head to Brandon's account on Google Plus.

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