Google Reader on the iPhone! Review

By Room 214     |     November 15, 2007

Ever since I got my iPhone one app that was dearly missed was the Google Reader mobile.

Well, the wait is finally over and just a few days ago Google Reader Blog posted the update that they have rolled out some sweet iPhone related and mobile version updates.

The reader works great, its nice and fast, no clutter and everything you need for basic reading is there.

You can easily share or star an item you just read, go to the next unread item or look through your tags and feeds.

Often times I read and tag blog posts a certain criteria,for example if its something I want to blog about or leave a comment on the author’s blog. I like to do those things like an assembly line, first I read all the items that are new or interesting and that’s what really takes up most of the time. Next step is to ether write a blog post as a response or to comment on original author’s blog linking back to the article I already blogged about. Since most of the reading I do during down times, sometimes being away from the computer, having Reader on my iPhone is a godsend to productivity. This point brings me to the shortcomings of the app.

The feature to tag posts is missing! I can, of course star an item and come back to it later to figure out why I stared it, but removing that step would be greatly appreciated. Another thing that’s blatantly missing is auto-reading the item when you click on the it. I have it set that way on desktop, why isn’t it working on my phone? To add the salt on my wounds, when you click “mark item as read” it reloads the whole page, images and all! Ugh, don’t add to the hate of the EDGE network speed. The least you guys can do is to send me to the next new item, as that would actually make sense. Last thing that I do not like, and this is purely aesthetic, is howgReader handles unread items in the list view. It would be great to follow the general iPhone look and feel and just add a small dot next to new items, andhighlight the number of new items a bit better than they are now. You can see in the gallery at the end of this post at how they are all the way to the left border of the screen, hardly visible…Whats wrong with them being right next to the item in nice,pleasant iPhone familiar red?

My final verdict is that while its totally awesome that the Google Reader mobile is finally starting to take shape for the iPhone there is still a ton of room for improvement. Keep chugging away Reader team, you got a lot of work to do, still.

For those wondering how gReader looks on the iPhone here is a quick gallery!


P.S Where the hell are my authenticated feeds?

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