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By Room 214     |     January 06, 2012

If you work for a company that has dozens or even hundreds of locations, it’s been a nightmare to figure out how to best use Facebook places to your advantage. Sure you want to try some check-in deals, but you have no idea how to claim/admin/manage all of the individual locations.

1/22/13 Update: Room 214 is now one of a few social agencies working with Facebook to enable activation of this service. You can check out the Facebook Parent-Child linking page if you are interested in getting pricing and activating your locations. Since this post’s original release date, Room 214 has activated more than 800 locations on behalf of six companies as part of its beta program.

Luckily for you, Facebook is rolling out a new functionality called Parent-Child. It allows you easily claim, administrate, and manage places pages and check-in deals for brands with more than five locations.

There are a few huge benefits to Parent-Child:

  • Locations Tab: As seen on pages like Sanrio and Starbucks, Facebook will list all of your retail locations under a single tab. This allows visitors and admins to easily find place pages for indivdual locations.
  • Manage Deals: You can now push a single check-in deal to every location through the parent page. It makes it a snap to roll out an all-encompassing campaign to every location. You also keep the ability to create individual deals at single locations.
  • Assign Admins: A longstanding debate has been whether to create individual Facebook pages for every location, or to operate a single brand page. Now you can operate from a single brand page, but allow your local store managers to run their own Place page.
  • Consistent Branding: As you claim your child places pages, you are able to create uniform descriptions and meta data. You may also push a single profile image to every place page. This keeps your place pages consistent with the parent page.

To read up on all of the main features, and to learn how to get Parent-Child implemented on your Facebook community, check out our Facebook Parent-Child slideshare document below:

We’ve had several folks reach out to us who were interested in setting up these features for their page. Truth be told, Facebook is only activating these features for preferred advertisers and those who work through an agency like Room 214. Your best course of action is to contact an agency with preferred advertiser status and work with them (ie. Room 214).

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  • Nick says:

    We’ve done this for a few clients, makes it super easy to launch deals. Also, it was kind of a nightmare to keep photos, admins, etc consistent before. Glad we got these features activated.

  • Being able to provide consistent branding across all pages, while still allowing the individual stores to connect with their community presents a tremendous value for businesses.

  • Good stuff guys!

    Excited to see who Room 214 works with for Facebook Parent-Child issues

  • How do I set up a local owner to be the admin of his Places/Locations page?

  • Hey Whitney – if you’ve got Facebook parent child running for your page this becomes pretty easy. You just head to the location page and click Edit Page > Admin Roles. From the admin roles section in the page setting you can add your store owner as an admin of that page.

    I’d be happy to walk you through the process if you shoot me an email: info (at) room214 (d0t) com


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