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Fast Forward Video Strategy: The Full Series

Jason Cormier and James Clark, November 8, 2017

Is your video strategy moving you forward? Video is the No. 1 way to connect your content marketing to your audience, convey your message and meet your business objectives.

It also happens to be a lot of creative fun.

But too many brands and marketers approach videos as one-off projects, rather than an ongoing business imperative. Consistently creating video content that delivers results requires a strategic approach.

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Blockchain and the Future of Video Consumption

James Clark, October 23, 2017

Relationship status between traditional advertisers and YouTube stars: It’s complicated.

The solution may be simple — cryptocurrencies and micropayments that skip over traditional advertisers and just let fans fund their favorite content.

We are rapidly moving toward more nontraditional content marketing, especially with  direct-to-consumer content like what’s being created by YouTube superstars today. To say the traditional advertising and marketing model hasn’t caught up with that scene is an understatement. Read More

Room 214 Partners with Cinebody

Erika Stutzman, May 23, 2017

Boulder, Colo. (May, 2017) — Room 214, a digital and social media marketing agency, has become a Preferred Partner of Cinebody, a groundbreaking platform that enables real-time, engaging video content creation.

Founded in 2004, Room 214 offers a research-based approach to strategy, storytelling, custom content and marketing services across multiple platforms. Video is royalty when it comes to content formats as it engages, converts and has lasting SEO benefits. Because of these advantages, Room 214 encourages brands to use video as part of their digital and social strategies. In traditional event and campaign marketing, the cost of video — due to technical, geographical or logistical requirements — can be a limiting factor to its use. With Cinebody’s unique platform, Room 214 provides both cost efficiency and scale to video projects.
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Inspired – Live Streaming and Videos

Erika Stutzman, May 16, 2017

Live video is where it’s at, from sharing silly voice-changed snaps to hosting your brand’s marquee events and inviting the whole world to join in on the fun.

As creatives, we’re always thinking up ways to use live video to connect brands with their fans in attention-grabbing ways. Here’s a taste of what inspired us this month, as we focused on live video.

But first, our team member Laura Oxler’s visit to the DMV: Read More

Tell a Compelling Brand Story With 360º Video

Jen Casson, July 7, 2016

You’ve probably heard about 360 video by now: special cameras are used to simultaneously film 360º of action, allowing viewers to explore the footage in any direction. It’s a unique and immersive experience, but many of the 360 Videos I’ve seen leave me scratching my head, wondering “why?”

That’s because no matter how fancy the technology or platform, effective content needs to be compelling and tell an engaging story. While 360 video is generally interesting, it’s not the right solution for everything. Here are some considerations before deciding to go with 360 video. Read More

Instagram Advertising Insights

Jason Cormier, July 1, 2016

Video is fun, flexible and frequently the best way to share a brand’s story in a dynamic way. It’s no surprise that Instagram more recent splash is enabling its users to have longer videos on its platform.

But that’s not the only new valuable feature on Instagram for marketers, says Chrissy Reinemund, Account Manager at Room 214.

“It’s changing on a daily basis,” she says.  Read More

Facebook Live: What You Need to Know Now

Laura Oxler, June 29, 2016

What were you doing Friday at 4 a.m.? You could have been watching a live birth on Facebook Live with 50,000 other viewers.

Facebook continues to encourage original content with Facebook Live. Facebook is going through what some are calling a “content collapse.” People share less about themselves, opting to share information and stories from other websites. The Live feature is meant to inspire users to post live video of anything they want – from mundane activities, to live-changing events. Read More

True Zombie Love: Rapt Media and Aardman Join Forces for “Dead Lonely”

Erika Stutzman, June 1, 2016

This love story may wind up with a happy ending, and the guy gets the girl. In this case, they’re both dead.

The imaginative and fun journey is “Dead Lonely,” a new interactive video by Room 214’s  partner Rapt Media. Rapt paired with Aardman, the four-time Oscar award-winning studio behind “Wallace and Gromit” and “Shaun the Sheep.” The zombie romance, part film and part game, allows users to help zombie Fred travel through his post-zombie-apocalypse city looking for his lost love, Barbara.

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Kick-Ass Visual Content for Social Media

Jason Cormier, May 6, 2016

A mantra for creatives: “Try everything. Fail fast.”

That’s the goal that drives the creative energy of Erica Griffiths, the digital producer at Room 214. Testing new methods, platforms and practices — and swiftly and cheerfully moving on from the few things that don’t work — is her passion. She pairs that passion with traditional storytelling skills and old-school media training in photography and film.

Griffiths talked about art, creativity and storytelling for brands with Jason Cormier.

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YouTube: A Social Network, Not Just a Video Network

Jason Cormier, April 4, 2016

YouTube offers users a dynamic way to connect with their core community and cultivate a following. Brands can really engage with their fan base in a way that is fun and authentic — but only if they keep the audience’s wishes front-and-center.

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