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Top Tips: Using Social for Storytelling

Erika Stutzman, March 25, 2016

Brands and their agencies know the  importance of storytelling in marketing. It draws people in, and engages them in a way that’s compelling, not transactional. We make human connections through storytelling and create a way to communicate our values, culture and purpose that way. But what are the best ways to tell a brand’s authentic story through social media?

We explore that topic, as well as garner very practical tips for using social media platforms for storytelling. Wilma Cruz, an account director at Room 214, joined Erika Stutzman to discuss the issue.
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Tons of Posting and Content Tips for Fashion on Instagram

Michael Kwolek, September 14, 2015

We were recently lucky enough to be featured in a series of articles on all things Instagram for leading style destination The articles are geared toward those fashion mavens who want to create a unique, trend-forward presence on the platform in order to build a loyal following of fellow fashionistas. Read More

#COTW: Forever 21’s Back-to-School Campaign

Gregory Nostrant, August 6, 2015

Forever 21 is a brand that constantly innovates to keep up with the rapidly changing fashion industry. Recently, Forever 21 thought outside of the box – big time. They used their extensive background in technology and social networks to create a campaign in a completely different way.

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Thoughts from Kody: Get the Scoop on Periscope

admin, July 30, 2015

Let’s be honest… We’re all plagued by FOMO. Life is cool. Really cool… And we want to experience it all. Now, before you go out and blow your savings on concert tickets, quit your job to travel the world, and pick up crazy hobbies like wing suit flying or photo-bombing TV broadcasts, head over to the app store and download Periscope.

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How Branded Communities Can Build Your Business

Martha Brown, July 20, 2015

Many brands are still reeling from decreased reach on popular social networks and increased advertising spending just to reach people that already like their brand. Crowded social networks and restrictive rules make organic reach on networks like Facebook hover around 2.6%. How can brands continue to build fan loyalty and give customers what they need?

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#COTW: Crocs’ Summer Digital Campaign

Katie Moran, July 15, 2015

In recent months, the Crocs brand underwent a ‘brand refresh’ through their #FindYourFun campaign. As a continuation of the campaign, the shoe company launched “Crocs Funway Runway”, a new interactive fan experience through Twitter.

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Sucks For Brands

Michael Kwolek, July 14, 2015

Let’s face it, every platform is becoming pay-to-play for brands – the days of millions of free eyeballs for your Facebook posts are over. There’s no reason to believe our FB overlords won’t start charging brands for reach on Instagram next (with Twitter, Pinterest, et al to follow). And emerging platforms that gain traction will likely be even quicker to monetize your brand’s presence. It’s the new reality of the industry.

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Creative Community Success!

Alea, July 7, 2015

Thanks to those that attended along with amazing sponsors, our Creative Community Happy Hour raised an impressive $4,500 for EFAA- over double what was collected the previous year! We were thrilled to see so many bright and caring Boulderites come together and we thank everyone for their support and contribution to the fight against poverty.

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Join SocialEngine’s The Hive Today!

Isabel Kieszkowski, May 30, 2015

We would like to introduce The Hive, a community-minded resource for managers of SocialEngine sites. The Hive is devoted to supporting individuals to find resources on how to best manage their communities.

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