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Branded Communities: Customer Support is within Reach

Kody Harlin, August 26, 2015

What do you think of when you hear the words “Reach,” “Impressions,” or the often disappointing term, “Engagement rate?” These common terms of measurement leave us and our clients sitting on the edge of our seats, contemplating thoughts such as, “How can we do better?” “Why is this happening?” or in some cases, “Where did I go wrong?”

The answer is simple: reach is at an all-time low for brands, impressions don’t hold a ton of value, and engagement rate doesn’t always indicate success or lack thereof.

What if those troublesome terms of measurement were replaced with phrases such as “Brand Loyalty,” or “Customer Satisfaction?”

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Branded Communities: Facts and Features

James Thorpe, August 18, 2015

Brands are starting to catch on: Facebook sucks. (Please don’t tell Facebook I said that)

Getting good organic engagement hasn’t always been as difficult as it is now. As the norms of social media trend inescapably toward a ‘pay-to-play’ environment, the need to put dollars behind your content increases, and the ‘play’ you get for that ‘pay’ decreases by the minute.

No longer can you hope to build real word-of-mouth relationships without a pile of cash or a viral smash hit. If it’s not ‘pay-to-play,’ it’s ‘post and pray.’ Read More

Your Guide to Marketing Your SaaS Company

Caitlin Sherwood, March 31, 2015

SaaS Companies are unlike any other. Sure, you could say their product offering isn’t much different from traditional software companies. But if your SaaS company is still thinking like a traditional software company, you’re missing the point: your subscription-based services make you different. That’s why we developed the Kick SaaS Marketing eBook Series. We, like you, had questions, and we set out to answer them. All of our research, case studies, and real-life examples are available for free in the Kick SaaS Marketing eBook Series!

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Kick SaaS Churn Calculator

Caitlin Sherwood, January 20, 2015

This tool helps Marketers find churn rates and take action. While understanding the theory behind churn, customer acquisition costs, and recurring revenue is valuable, any Marketer that has experienced pitching ideas to other departments knows the importance of being able to numerically measure the effect that marketing activities will have on a balance sheet. This calculator helps marketers get up-to-date metrics that help them determine the success of their marketing activities.

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3 Tips for SaaS Scriptwriting

Fleetwood Mathews, October 16, 2014

When potential customers visit your website, they’re looking for quick information about the services your company offers. Your SaaS company has a great deal of competition, especially with the advent of marketing automation. There are more emails and subsequent communications than ever before. In order to cut through the plethora of verbose uselessness, you have two tools. 1) Written Communication. 2) Visual Communication.

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6 Unconventional SEO Tips for High-Tech Companies

Josh Hill, October 14, 2014

Today’s high-tech companies are overflowing with digital talent. Because of this it seems like digital marketing should come naturally and sales pipelines should always be bursting with qualified leads. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. This is especially true with SEO. Even if you have a talented team, SEO can be dumbfounding. There’s an inconvenient wealth of conflicting ideas and tactics online. Even if you have ideas…

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How Marketing Can Support The Product Owner

Michael Kwolek, October 9, 2014

Marketing isn’t just about spammy email campaigns and trying to make your brand “go viral”. At its best, it can be a two-way conversation between brand and customer, helping to guide the right people to your product while understanding where your audience and the market are headed next.

By keeping a pulse on current and future…

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Move Beyond Analysis: How To Find The Right Data And Do Something With It

Michael Kwolek, October 7, 2014

Customer research can be a great way to uncover how your users interact with your software, where they commonly have challenges, and which features they would like to see implemented. The key, though, is to ask the right questions in the right format so you get functional data you can actually interpret and act on.

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SaaS Upgrades and Upsells: Opportunity Knocks

Caitlin Sherwood, October 2, 2014

There is one group of monetizable customers that cost nothing to acquire: customers you already have! Upgrading your customers is a win-win: they are worth more to you and your software is more valuable to them. Find the right way to upgrade your customers, and everyone is happy.

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Guide to Developing Buyer Personas for Your SaaS Company

kcormier, September 29, 2014

Developing good buyer personas can be critical to developing your brand story and key messaging. Much has been written on developing good buyer personas through interviews. Personal interviews are considered the gold-strandard way to gather buyer information, but that is not always practical or timely and good interviews always need to be verified with other sources. Software as a Service based companies are in a unique situation to gather data and create buyer personas. SaaS companies have unique user insights and can track online behavior with the website and software. B2B SaaS companies can use the following 5-step program to build smart, functional personas that are based in fact…

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