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Love Thy Email List, For It Will Bring You ROI

John Franklin, October 6, 2017

Although you could make the argument that social media is all about vanity, judging your success by vanity metrics won’t get you very far. Fans on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and Instagram: these are those sexy metrics that look nice but won’t always help you get your content in front of the people you want to see it. Here’s why we’ve been telling our clients that instead of paying to increase their fan counts, that money is better spent increasing social engagement and growing their email list. Read More

More Opens = More Money: Five Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Ben Castelli, July 8, 2016

With all the myriad ways to build your brand and sell your products and services online, it’s easy to forget that email is still king.

As a marketing channel, email delivers the highest ROI, but there is an ever-increasing ‘attention deficit’ as brands and spam vie for your inbox real estate. In fact, only 3 percent of emails that are sent even get past the ISP. And only 20 percent of those actually reach the recipient’s inbox (crazy, right?!) But fear not: today we have some tips to increase your open rates and generally be an email superstar. Read More

Build Your Marketing Engine: How To Get Results

Jason Cormier, April 13, 2016

For Ian Cleary, running a Dublin-based marketing agency with local clients wasn’t enough. He wanted international work, and knew he had something to offer beyond his own borders. Like many bloggers, he followed common steps to building a network, gaining subscribers and driving traffic. But something was missing: cash money, and worldwide clients willing to pay it.

That was then. As CEO of RazorSocial, and also the purveyor of what INC Magazine recently called one of the top global blogs on internet marketing — Cleary has built a marketing engine he now teaches through a training framework known as PRISM: People, Relationships, Inbound traffic, Subscribers and Monetization. 

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Don’t Buy that List! Best Practices for Email Marketing

Jason Cormier, March 11, 2016

What does “big data” mean to you? To Kurt Diver, who’s in charge of deliverability and compliance at SendGrid — it means deep and meaningful insights from a technology platform that sends over 22 billion emails every month.

To us, it means staying educated about consumer behavior, best practices and technical challenges: What’s opened? What connects consumers to brands? What falls flat?

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