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Using Radio to Drive Awareness – Internet to Capture the Conversation

Room 214, July 11, 2006

Reading the recent special issue of BtoB Magazine on marketing to vertical industries I came across Matthew Schwartz’s article “Radio still dials up small business at local level despite cable and Internet“. Matthew’s article was actually published in November of last year.

This article reminded me of the most common problem we see in Internet marketing today – lack of integration.

The article talks about how radio remains an excellent advertising medium for local businesses, and we agree. But, the gap needing to be crossed in marketing is the offline to online integration and conversion tracking gap.

This is one of the most common initial oversights we see in online marketing. A company will come to us and want to set up online marketing communications program, but they try to put the project on an island.

The fact is all of the offline and online mediums work best when working together. For instance, one can integrate a local radio advertising campaign, by providing a unique domain URL, to give out to the listening audience, and then tracking the visitors and conversions coming from that radio ad.

Not only should the domain specific URLs come in to play with radio, but also a local PPC campaign. So if someone heard your ad in the car on the way to work, but couldn’t quite remember the name of the company, or the URL but remembered the topic or subject, when they go to search for you online, your PPC ad should appear making it easy for them to find you.

These two simple offline/online integration tasks (domain specific URLs and Local PPC) can drive significantly more awareness and increase conversions for your radio campaign.

Writing Copy for Your Target Audience

Room 214, July 10, 2006

Knowing who your target audience is crticial, understanding how to communicate with them is vital.

Listen, we all know that the disabled only parking signs are not designed to inform those with disabilities about where to park, but to keep those without disability for parking there. So the target audience are not those with disabilities, but the jerks without disabilities that want to park there.

This is some of the best, targeted and honest copywriting I’ve ever seen:

Please God let these be real…

via: AdverboxCoolzorAdRants


Word of Mouth – Facing the Reality

Room 214, July 9, 2006

Why might this be? In my personal experience, the trusted relationships I have are with people I most frequently see in person, or regularly speak with on the phone.

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Reasons Your Business Should NOT Blog

Room 214, July 7, 2006

B.L.’s March 29 post on 10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog, is a litmus test for any company, or person seeking to enter the conversation through a blog.

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Database of Intentions

Room 214, July 5, 2006

Just a quick plug for David Leonhardt’s article in the New York Times today about using the new Google Trends functionality to begin predicting “what’s next.”

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Blogging Personal Experiences

Room 214, July 4, 2006

Having been in public relations for a number of years, we discussed three triggers: point, hook and illustration, needed to create a stimulating and engaging conversation.

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Google Checkout, Better Get Your Icon

Room 214, June 30, 2006

If you are a mall-loathing online shopper like me, you’ll enjoy Google’s new Checkout feature which simplifies the check out process, enabling you to purchase from many stores with one login.

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Split Testing Gone Wild

Room 214, June 25, 2006

For companies smart enough to implement landing pages in conjunction with their pay per click programs, there is a common practice of A/B split testing to improve these pages over time.

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Trend Spotting

Room 214, June 22, 2006

I had the pleasure of meeting the new CEO, Janet Eden-Harris of Umbria today at the PRSA Colorado workshop in Denver. We have been eager to work with them on a new project, and always reminded of why we are in business after seeing their presentation.

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Fire Your PR Firm

Room 214, June 20, 2006

This blog entry is appropriately titled, as it is the first post to address the controversy already being generated from a white paper that’s been circulating under the radar for quite some time.

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