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Every Day is a #Hashtag Holiday (Sort Of)

Maya Shaff, June 28, 2017

You’d have to be living under a rock (or had suffered a major WiFi outage) if you didn’t notice National Donut Day earlier this month.

While Father’s Day, the first day of summer and the Fourth of July have long been favorites for brands and marketers to create fresh summer content, there are now an almost infinite number of “national-fill-in-blank” days to celebrate. Read More


6 Steps to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

John Franklin, June 26, 2017

With the surprise announcement that e-commerce goliath Amazon is attempting to buy Whole Foods, it’s clear we’ve reached a no-turning-back moment in e-commerce.

Whatever happens (and it could be a bidding war with Wal-Mart, it could involve other grocery chains, who knows) clearly e-commerce companies aren’t retail disrupters anymore. They are retail’s present, and they will be the major force in shaping how we shop.

But just as some smaller retailers have been able to survive and even thrive in the superstore era, smaller e-commerce retailers will still be able to run successful companies in their own right. You don’t have to be Amazon to master these concepts, you just need to know your business and your customers. Read More


How to Create a Culture of Happiness At Work

Erika Stutzman, June 23, 2017

We know how important happiness is, and spend ample amounts of time and treasure in its pursuit. But if you’re relegating happiness to weekends and vacations, you’re missing an enormous opportunity — not to mention wasting a pretty sizable chunk of your life.

A new book encourages us to approach our workplaces with love, to practice mindfulness and use inspired tools to build a culture of happiness within — not outside — the 9-to-5. Read More



Erika Stutzman, June 22, 2017

Sometimes, inspiration comes from a place that’s uninspired. This month, in addition to talking about creative concepts that are exciting to us, we wanted to talk about marketing and design ideas that are worn. Tired. Mundane.

Let’s put it this way: If we don’t see another “Keep Calm” meme again, we’re OK with that. Read More


Relentless Helpfulness: The Overlooked Marketing Step to Grow Business

Isaiah Cormier, June 14, 2017

The Inbound Methodology is used by businesses throughout the world, but many leave out a key ingredient: Delight the process of turning customers into promoters.

For years, the job of the marketing department has been to attract prospects, and convert them into leads so the sales team can pursue closing a deal. Unfortunately, in that process there is a forgotten step, a missing link, which almost all successful companies will be forced to discover one way or another. Read More


Selling Stuff on Snapchat

Jill Mailander, June 12, 2017

Snapchat has always been the rebel of the social networks. With its quirky design and the fearless ridiculousness of its filters, it has never played by the same rules as the Facebooks and Twitters of the world. So it’s a little surprising to see this scrappy little social network wading into the world of e-commerce. But they are, and we think that’s pretty dang cool.

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Facebook Mobile Cover Photo Tips & Tricks (2017)

Brent Walker, June 9, 2017

As I worked to update Room 214’s cover photo templates (see free downloads below) a funny thing happened: I noticed a truckload of people were visiting a previous Facebook mobile cover photo tips blog post I wrote. In 2015.

While 2015 was technically only two years ago, as far as the internet is concerned, it was closer to an eternity ago.

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Warm Calls: Lessons from a HubSpot Lead Generation and Sales Bootcamp

Jason Cormier, June 1, 2017

Over the last eight weeks, I’ve had the privilege of participating with six other companies in Dan Tyre’s “Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.”

It’s an advanced course offering for proven HubSpot partner agencies. Dan is a consummate and energetic sales professional, was employee No. 6 at HubSpot, and remains a key influencer in the world of inbound marketing. Read More


Room 214 Partners with Cinebody

Erika Stutzman, May 23, 2017

Boulder, Colo. (May, 2017) — Room 214, a digital and social media marketing agency, has become a Preferred Partner of Cinebody, a groundbreaking platform that enables real-time, engaging video content creation.

Founded in 2004, Room 214 offers a research-based approach to strategy, storytelling, custom content and marketing services across multiple platforms. Video is royalty when it comes to content formats as it engages, converts and has lasting SEO benefits. Because of these advantages, Room 214 encourages brands to use video as part of their digital and social strategies. In traditional event and campaign marketing, the cost of video — due to technical, geographical or logistical requirements — can be a limiting factor to its use. With Cinebody’s unique platform, Room 214 provides both cost efficiency and scale to video projects.
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Four Easy Ways to Drive Retail Foot Traffic From Digital

Pete Hall, May 19, 2017

The secret is out: Retail is struggling. Hard. Across the industry, foot traffic is in massive decline, stores and entire chains are closing, and sales are down.

Left standing among the wreckage are firms who are either all digital, or who have managed to pivot to a hybrid retail and e-commerce model. But digital is not the enemy of your retail strategy: if you’re strategic about it, digital offers a great opportunity to drive retail foot traffic.
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