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2015 EFAA Happy hour

Building Valuable Relationships in our Creative Community

Caitlin Sherwood, May 21, 2015

At Room 214, we have a company mantra that we talk about on a regular basis: “creating valuable relationships.” It really is a guiding force in decision making at all levels. Of course, what’s more important than us talking about it is truly acting it out.

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Planning Your Interactive Video Project

Cassie Clusman, May 21, 2015

If your brand is looking for a more interactive way to connect with its users, Interactive Video may be the solution. Interactive Video has proven to be highly successful at engaging viewers. With platforms such as Rapt Media making Interactive Video much more accessible to both consumers and brands, there’s no better time to explore this next generation of storytelling.

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Interview with Caleb Hansen

The Future of Interactive Video: An Interview with Caleb Hanson

Room 214, May 20, 2015

Interactive video is becoming increasingly popular for the impressive results it delivers. What’s next for this groundbreaking technology?

Industry expert Caleb Hanson from Rapt Media, a pioneer in the evolution of online video, shares his thoughts in response to some questions.

Interactive video, in general, is going to become the norm. According to Caleb, “Viewers are ceasing to exist. People are users who want to interact with and influence their surroundings”. Modern audiences are not content being passive consumers.

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Top Food Brans on Instagram

2015’s Top Food Brands on Instagram and What They’re Doing Right

Caitlin Sherwood, May 19, 2015

In 2013, we published a report on the Top Food Brands of Instagram. Only one brand on our 2013 list still makes the list in 2015. Who has stayed on top, and who’s slipped off the radar? What are they doing right? And how is Instagram delivering in ways that other social media platforms fall short?

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Pinterest + Fashion: Two Giants Who Said “Nah”

Maya Shaff, April 10, 2015

While developing the 2015 Top 50 Fashion Brands Report, we were surprised to see several fashion juggernauts not maintaining a presence on Pinterest. Let’s take a look at the two most surprising Pinterest snubs in the fashion world.

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Benefits of Interactive Video: Analytics

Michael Kwolek, April 9, 2015

When done well, interactive video has proven to boost fundamental metrics over passive video including longer view times and repeat views through more immersive and personalized experiences that defy our decreasing attention spans.

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What’s Interactive Video?

Michael Kwolek, April 7, 2015

The term “interactive video” has been thrown around since the dawn of the web, but only recently has technology and bandwidth advanced enough to make truly interactive video widely accessible to creators and audiences.

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