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Facebook Mobile Cover Photo Tips & Tricks

Brent Walker, July 28, 2015

Ever wonder why some Facebook cover photos look better than others on mobile? The answer is always a great designer (not that I’m biased or anything), but I recently discovered a nifty trick to help less of your hard work get cut off when viewing from a mobile device – and still look great on desktop. Read More

Social Media Roundup

Facebook Brings Online Shopping to Social Media

Alea, July 28, 2015

Just in case you don’t already spend enough time on social media, you might also be able to shop there in upcoming months. Online shopping is edging its way into the realm of social media. Sounds a bit dangerous to those of us who don’t need another reason to online shop….On the other hand, this opens big opportunities for brands on social media.

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Is Average Session Duration the Best Fallback for Measuring Performance (When Goals Are Not Used)?

Gregory Nostrant, July 23, 2015

Interpreting data and analytics is a constant effort here at Room 214, as we support the work we deliver with intricate reporting designed to impact our client’s greater marketing goals. Clarifying and expanding upon data for our clients is foundational throughout our agency.

Website Magnifying GlassOne recent hypothesis that arose was ‘Does the average session duration (spent on a website) correlate with a respected page conversion metric?’ As one would presume, the longer a visitor spends on a website the higher the conversion (engagement) rate. We tackled this thought head on with a sample of six clients from either business to business or business to consumer markets. To help our sample be more representative, we increased our test to six samples. In addition to helping reduce bias error, we measured the data for each sample in different quarters and different years.

Through Google’s Analytics Acquisition and Channels tab, we were able to collect the data of average session durations and goal conversion metrics ranging from email sign ups to form fill outs. Once the data was analyzed through Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient formula, the results validated that average session duration is in fact correlated with the Goal Conversion Rate.

Search Magnifying GlassThrough these findings we hope to demonstrate how important it is to have high quality, engaging content across your website. In particular, landing pages should have goals associated with them but in the absence be sure to measure performance based on average session duration. By employing content such as (Interactive Video), (Video Scribing), and (Infographics), your web content can really make the difference between a quick website visit and a more meaningful action.

To take this experiment a step further, we wanted to determine if pages per session had any correlation with a respected page conversion metric. While using the same parameters of the first study, the results indicate that there is a weak positive relationship. By discovering that pages per session have less of an impact on a respected pages conversion metric, we hope to see all of you focusing your attention to attain higher average session durations.

Posted below we have condensed our data for these experiments and averaged the six samples of both the Average Session Duration and Pages per Session.

Avg. Session Duration Image
Avg. Pages per Session Image

Room 214 is Hiring an SEO Specialist!

Scott Shelton, July 23, 2015

Room 214 is seeking a technical minded individual with capabilities in SEO and content marketing who has exceptional communication, writing, and organizational skills.

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Conflict and Happiness — Two Peas In A Pod

James Clark, July 23, 2015

“Hey — knock it off!!!”

More often than not, conflict is seen in a negative light. Children are sometimes interrupted by parents when they argue with a sibling; however, this strategy stifles the child’s ability to work out the problem, and the parent finds herself managing the same battle over and over again. Learning to deal with conflict at a young age leads to children becoming critical thinkers as adults, leading to creative solutions to issues on the job.

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Social Media Roundup: Instagram’s New and Improved “Search & Explore”

Isabel Kieszkowski, July 22, 2015

Instagram released its new and improved Search & Explore page, located in the Popular feed’s old home: the magnifying glass icon in the Instagram app. Search & Explore is Instagram’s way of launching itself into the curated, real-time news space that Snapchat and Twitter have been dominating for some time now.

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Branded Communities Header

How Branded Communities Can Build Your Business

Martha Brown, July 20, 2015

Many brands are still reeling from decreased reach on popular social networks and increased advertising spending just to reach people that already like their brand. Crowded social networks and restrictive rules make organic reach on networks like Facebook hover around 2.6%. How can brands continue to build fan loyalty and give customers what they need?

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#COTW: Crocs’ Summer Digital Campaign

Katie Moran, July 15, 2015

In recent months, the Crocs brand underwent a ‘brand refresh’ through their #FindYourFun campaign. As a continuation of the campaign, the shoe company launched “Crocs Funway Runway”, a new interactive fan experience through Twitter.

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Sucks For Brands

Michael Kwolek, July 14, 2015

Let’s face it, every platform is becoming pay-to-play for brands – the days of millions of free eyeballs for your Facebook posts are over. There’s no reason to believe our FB overlords won’t start charging brands for reach on Instagram next (with Twitter, Pinterest, et al to follow). And emerging platforms that gain traction will likely be even quicker to monetize your brand’s presence. It’s the new reality of the industry.

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A Reaction to Pinterest’s Promoted Pins

Isabel Kieszkowski, July 13, 2015

Earlier this year, Pinterest released its promoted pins feature, allowing brands to advertise on Pinterest and garner higher reach for their pins. However, despite promoted pins having high potential to actually beat out Facebook ads in ROI, they have yet to shine.

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