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Get ‘Rapt’ Up in our Lead Generation Strategy

Caitlin Sherwood, February 3, 2016

Often times, new and prospective clients alike come to us with the same question: “How can we generate a larger volume of high quality sales leads?” This is a challenge that businesses across all industries are no stranger to, and a problem that we are able to solve .

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The Agency Way: Episode 5

Storytelling in Marketing

Jason Cormier, January 29, 2016

Values-driven storytelling is the core of marketing today. Customers today have infinite choices. The most meaningful way to cut through the content they literally have at their fingertips is to directly engage them through story.

We recently spoke with Amanda McPherson, a storytelling expert, about the future of marketing on the Agency Way, a Room 214 weekly Blab series. McPherson is an advisor, writer, college lecturer, and former Chief Marketing Officer of the Linux Foundation. Read More

The Agency Way: Episode 5

Instagram Marketing: What You Need to Know

Jason Cormier, January 26, 2016

With eMarketer predicting that marketing on Instagram will be conducted by 48% of US-based businesses this year (up from 32% in 2015), it’s time to talk Instagram!

Room 214 social media pro, and now current Director of Operations Libby Myers-Turner, joined @JasonCormier (that’s me), in the fourth episode of “The Agency Way” Blab series this week to discuss what’s new and important for marketing on Instagram. Take a few minutes to watch the interview! Read More

The Agency Way: Episode 5

Social Media Program Insights

Jason Cormier, January 20, 2016

Effective social media programs are composed of a combination of “evergreen” content, campaign-based content and social advertising. When that content is helpful, story-driven and relevant to existing conversations — you win!

Room 214 Social Media Account Director, Maya Shaff, joined @JasonCormier (that’s me), in the third episode of “The Agency Way” Blab series this week to talk about social media program development with multiple channels in mind. Take a few minutes to watch the interview! Read More


We’re Hiring an Account Supervisor!

Kevin Coyle, January 14, 2016

Support Room 214 clients’ social media marketing campaigns through research, content creation, community engagement and reporting. Requires excellent attention to detail, organizational, analytical, and copywriting skills, as well as strong problem-solving skills. Must have a passion for figuring out what’s next, what’s possible, and what delivers return on investment in digital marketing.

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Room 214 is Hiring a Photographer!

Kevin Coyle, January 14, 2016

Let’s start with why our employees joyfully spend many of their waking hours at this place we call “work”…

Room 214 believes in working with talented (yet humble) people to create inspired work that makes our hearts race, challenges us, and has a positive impact.

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The Agency Way: Episode 5

Social Listening For Insights & Action

Jason Cormier, January 11, 2016

Any book you pick up on social media will reference “listening” as a first step to social strategy. Too often, social listening is relegated to the practice of monitoring social networks in order to respond in a timely manner. But social listening serves a much higher purpose for those willing to really dig in.

Room 214’s Director of Research & Strategy, Michael Kwolek, joined @JasonCormier (that’s me), in the second episode of “The Agency Way” Blab series this week to talk about the kind of social listening that provides insights and actions. Take a few minutes to watch the interview! Read More


Room 214 is Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist!

Kevin Coyle, January 7, 2016

Room 214 is seeking a talented yet humble individual who is technically minded in digital marketing and excited to produce inspiring work.

We are very interested in candidates with a strong background (3+ years of experience) in one of the following disciplines: digital advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and/or marketing automation.
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Getting Your Brand in the Holiday Spirit

John Key, December 23, 2015

While sometimes it might seem a bit un-festive to use the holidays as a marketing tactic, it’s a tried and true method that most brands use. Taking a look back at your local retailers and television this season and you can see the results of this holiday blitz. Brands are very aware that emotions run high through the holidays and that consumers are more susceptible to emotional marketing. There are a few simple tactics that any brand can follow to tug at heartstrings and make their holiday campaigns a real success.

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The Agency Way: Episode 5

Leveraging Employees as Social Media Influencers

Martha Brown, December 23, 2015

Your employees and stakeholders are your biggest fans. Too often, companies who appreciate them as workers, and contributors, forget that those employees are also fans. Advocates. Cheerleaders. All in. Did you know there is a fun and easy way to energize your internal groupies?

GaggleAMP, a leading platform for managing employee influencer and advocacy programs,  gets it. GaggleAMP’s founder and chief executive, Glenn Gaudet, @glenng, joined Room 214’s co-founder Jason Cormier, @JasonCormier, in his inaugural episode of “The Agency Way” Blab series this week to talk about employee advocacy. It’s short and sweet: Have a moment? Read More