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Google’s Role in Moving Your Software

Room 214, August 22, 2014

Google has established itself as the primary provider of online services, visibility, and reputation, and in turn has become a central part of online marketing. The size and might of Google is hard to deny, and it goes without question that it is a necessary tool for your SaaS company. The following article presents five insights from product owners, marketing managers and C-levels in the software industry that have effectively leveraged Google’s offerings to move their software.

With 65-70% of the online search market, Google is often the first place users go to get answers (or find products!). It provides expansive visibility for brands through both organic (free) and paid results. What makes Google searches so valuable? Customers…

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How Do Stories Drive Software Sales?

Room 214, August 21, 2014

At the core of good storytelling is an ability to encourage your listeners to relate to the subject. Imagine, or relive, the most compelling stories you’ve heard, and hopefully you were transferred from a state of internal consciousness to a comprehension of who the subject was and what they were going through or were about. Storytelling extends beyond flowery, fantasy based stories into the often mislabeled or misrepresented “dry and stale” realm of business. In fact, stories can drive sales, even with regards to software (SaaS) products, clients and marketing.

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3 Takeaways From Snapchat’s Pitch Deck

Laura Oxler, August 19, 2014

The “We reject your $3 million acquisition offer, Facebook” app is ready to get serious and make some money. Here are 3 points the app wants to get across to advertisers.

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Singing Milk Boxes and Dancing Cheese

Jen Casson, July 17, 2014

Twirling cheese and love-struck noodles: Room 214 created a fun animated video to help Horizon Organic launch its new line of Mac & Cheese and Snacks.

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Don't Get Scroogled

Don’t Get Scroogled

Matt LeBeau, May 1, 2014

For many people, no recent update has been more confusing than the changes to Google accounts and services, including the forced connection between Google services like YouTube and Google+. While the most publicized aspect of this change was the elimination of anonymous YouTube comments, the related effect was that in order to post a new comment on YouTube, users first had to join Google+.

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Should my brand jump on the Snap Wagon?

Taylor Cunningham, April 29, 2014

After reading Snapchat: 5 Reasons Your Brand Might Love It, you may have found yourself wondering if Snapchat is right for your brand. In this follow-up we will discuss the 5 things to keep in mind before jumping on the Snap Wagon.

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