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Three places to use A/B Testing

Infographic: Where Can SaaS Companies Use A/B Testing to See Direct Results?

Graham Swalling, September 18, 2014

Even when you are familiar with your target market, making an engaging ad, effective landing page, eye catching email takes a little bit of guess work. Small differences in copy, color scheme, or topic can make a vast difference in conversion rates. The problem marketers continue to face in not knowing which color or combination of words is going to be the best, or worse, believing that they do know what is going to work the best, without any data to back their choice up. Old school market research teams would…

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Social Media Roundup: Instagram for Business & Pleasure

Isabel Kieszkowski, September 17, 2014

If you are reading this, you either use Instagram for business or for pleasure. This week’s social platform update is extra exciting because Instagram has unveiled something for the professional and personal Instagrammer.

Instagram has released an analytics…

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3 Step Guide to Integrated Marketing for SaaS Companies

Caitlin Sherwood, September 16, 2014

Setting up your software to encourage users to upgrade from a free trial or a freemium account to a paid subscription is one way to gain more users, but if you aren’t using a multichannel approach to market your software, you are missing out. Anyone that’s put a moment of time into considering advertising can spout off the most common channels for gaining friction: TV, newspaper, email campaigns, social networks, and even guerrilla street campaigns may come to mind. When it comes to promoting software, any number of these channels may work, but Software as a Service companies should consider their target when designing campaigns to ensure they get the most bang for their buck.

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Storytelling at inContact

Jen Casson, September 9, 2014

Many smaller companies have the common problem of creating content – they just don’t have much and/or what they do have is poor quality. inContact, a cloud-based contact center solution provider, is the exception and an excellent example of a SaaS company leveraging the power of storytelling to drive their brand. Because inContact intimately understands its audience, the challenges they face, and the stages of the buying/customer lifecycle, they are able to create relevant and targeted content.

According to inContact’s Senior Director…

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Room 214 is Hiring: Account Manager

Room 214, September 8, 2014

Account Manager

Support Room 214 clients’ social media marketing campaigns through research, content creation, community engagement and reporting. Requires excellent attention to detail, organizational, analytical, and copywriting skills, as well as strong problem-solving skills. Must have a passion for figuring out what’s next, what’s possible, and what delivers return on investment in digital marketing.

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Lead Scoring for an Accelerated Pipeline

Ben Castelli, September 8, 2014

What it is Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a critical element of marketing and sales related activities, and as marketing automation has developed so has the importance of lead scoring. By assigning values to specific lead qualities you can score them so that they progress from an entry touchpoint, to lead, to a marketing (sales) qualified lead that is ready for a sales push.

Why is it important?

Lead scoring enables your marketing…

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3 Steps to Creating a SaaS Lead Nurture Program

Ben Castelli, September 4, 2014

As a SaaS marketer, getting good at generating leads is only half the battle. Having high value gated assets on your website and a strong presence at events will generate leads however many may not be ready to purchase. This often leads to a frustrated sales team and revenue goals not being met.

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9 Ways to Improve Your SaaS Company’s Landing Page

Matt LeBeau, September 2, 2014

Create a Kick SaaS Landing Page: 9 Rules You Must Follow

In the world of SaaS marketing, it’s likely that your prospect’s first impression of you is a landing page rather than your corporate website. We all know that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so your landing pages provide a unique opportunity to segment your traffic and convert traffic into leads by telling your visitors precisely what you want them to do and why they should it.

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Freemium to Premium

Caitlin Sherwood, August 26, 2014

Offering a free trial or freemium version of your product is often the perfect hook for SaaS companies. You already know your product is great, and allowing potential customers to “try it on” is a great way to demonstrate how great it really is. Having a customer sign up for a free trial is a good sign. It means they are interested in your product and want to know more about it. What happens next will make or break your company’s ability to capitalize on trial users.

Take the following 3 steps to make sure free trials convert into subscriptions.

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