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By Jill Mailander     |     December 20, 2012
I don’t know if some of you have noticed but reach is not as high on Facebook posts lately. When Facebook changed their algorithm not too long ago, they incorporated negative feedback into the mix. What is negative feedback you ask?
  • Fan hides a post (76% do this)
  • Fan hides all posts from a page (16% do this)
  • Fan reports the post as spam (8% do this)
  • Fan unlikes the page (<1% do this)
Why it matters: Content quality is more important than ever and images are the biggest magnets for negative feedback. This is tricky however, because they’re the key to a successful post. Either way, images attract attention, make sure they rock the socks off your fans.
When it comes to Talking About This percentages, if the reach is low and people provide negative feedback, that could drive that stat lower than the industry standard of 3%. If your page doesn’t get that high of interaction to begin with,  your posts have to be super premium choice. It’d be better to skip a day of posting if your post is crummy rather than get negative feedback on a filler post.
What we recommend:
  • Make sure that the images are awesome, good quality, and relate to your post completely. Again, images are the main problem for attracting negative feedback
  • Keep the content in line with your fans’ expectations. If the post strays from the topic they’re expecting, they’ll hide the post or your page
  • Don’t freak out and stop posting images or only do brand messaging. Make sure you  really understand your community and their needs
  • Expect a correlation between engagement and negative feedback. The more people engage with a post, the more people will see it, which puts you at risk for more eyeballs to provide negative feedback. Basically take this information with a grain of salt and trust your gut
  • Be a jerk and go hide your competitors posts. Kidding!!! (Seriously, don’t do this)
Next Steps: Go to Facebook analytics and download insights. In the “BU column” you can see Daily Negative Feedback. This is good info to study. Try to figure out which posts aren’t doing well versus the ones that are. This can be tricky since some pages do several posts per day. Perhaps the best way to do full testing is to do one post per day for a little while. Good luck and may the positive feedback be with you!

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Jill is an Account Manager at Room 214. Besides all things social, her main expertise lies in Community Management and Digital Strategy. She has worked with many social communities including: Mrs. Fields Cookies, Crock-Pot® Slow Cookers, Mr. Coffee® Brewers, FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealers and Aer1® Systems. Jill's work with these communities has lead to a vast increase in fan growth, engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness. Other clients that she has worked as a social strategist for include Horizon Organic Milk, Udi's Gluten Free Bread, and WD-40. Jill is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve on what the next big thing will be and loves trend spotting. In Jill's spare time she loves snowboarding, drinking red wine with the ones she loves, sleeping for abnormal amounts of time, and spoiling her enormous cat (seriously, he's 25 lbs). Connect with Jill on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, or follow her on Twitter @jillmailander.

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