Facebook Changes Advertising Image Size and Text Character Limit

By Room 214     |     April 13, 2012

Many Facebook advertisers were hit this week with some new and largely unannounced changes to the popular ads platform. Moving forward, ad images will be limited to dimensions of 99 x 72 (previously 110 x80), and body copy will be limited to 90 text characters, down from 135.

Facebook Ad Text Best Practices:

As it was often stressed before, simplicity will be of the utmost importance in the text for ads. This is even more important with reduced space to work with now. Make sure you only refer to one offer or subject in your text, and do it in as few words as possible.

The best copy won’t be a statement about your company/brand/product, but will refer to an offer, play off of the target’s ego, or ask a compelling question.

Facebook Image Best Practices:

You have about 1/10th of a second for your ad image to make an impact on viewers. Make sure your image is fascinating. Stick to visually interesting subjects, smiling faces (human connection), or aspirational items. Remember: the image also must be relevant to your ad or it will get turned down.

Great tips on ads in the slideshare below:

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