Digital Path to Success

Social and digital are key components to an overall, integrated marketing effort. The “Digital Path to Success” is Room 214’s six-part approach to marketing research, planning, integration, campaign development, execution and measurement:

Business Intelligence

Good ideas become great ideas when informed and validated by research, smart tool usage and analysis that uncovers brand opportunities.

Content Marketing

With insights from business intelligence – the organization of content assets, types and priorities is paramount to the tactical execution to follow.


Great content works best when the plan for its delivery includes the consideration of multiple marketing channels, platforms and opportunities.

Activation & Acquisition

The effective development, execution and optimization of new and ongoing campaigns are carried out to acquire awareness, leads, sales, fans, etc.


Improving upon current campaigns, in addition to proactive planning for future ones, is accelerated through online engagement and response.

Analytics & Insights

Insights derived from real-time analytics, qualitative feedback and performance-based results are cycled through the entire path.

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“Seldom does one come across a true expert; that is, someone who not just knows their field inside and out but also can remain current in a fast changing environment AND manage to influence or create positive change. Think you know what online marketing is all about? Think again. Then go talk to Room 214.”

~ George Deriso,
MBA Professor, Consultant